21 Days of Consecration and Fasting

Good morning Gener8ions!
As you all know our 21 days of consecration and fasting will be from January 1st through the 21st. The following information provides options on how to conduct the fast. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Dr. Kim.
Option 1:
  • Foods allowed: All fruit (fresh, frozen, canned or dried with no added sugar), and all Vegetables (including legumes).
  • NO meat, meat alternatives or meat products (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.), NO nuts, NO grains (rice, wheat, etc.), NO processed foods, NO leavening (yeast).
  • Beverages allowed: Water ONLY
  • NO Television (with the exception of limited amounts of programming with spiritual content i.e. sermons.)
  • NO Social Media
  • Limited time talking on the phone and texting.
  • ADD daily prayer and meditation and time studying the Word of God

Option 2:

Will be a water only fast. Anyone who decides they want to do the water only fast should:

  1. Check with your physician first if you have any medical issues
  2. Contact Dr.Kim for additional information

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